Although they come from diverse businesses, members of the Int’l ITC all share common goals. They seek to produce quality products and a profitable business. Int’l ITC chapters allow members from different regions to work together on issues unique to their area.


Belonging to a chapter links you to other members who share your issues and concerns. Whether you participate by adding your voice or take an active leadership role, both you and your industry reap enormous benefits.


Regional Devotion
Int’l ITC Chapters & Affiliates Great Lakes: IL, IN, KS, MI, MO
Gary Frager 847-808-8984 Mid-Atlantic: KY, NC, SC, TN
Sherry Summers
704-347-2447 New England: NH, MA, VT, ME, RI
Paul Mervis
781-631-4568 Northeast: CT, NJ, NY, PA
Dennis Houck
570-689-2951 Northwest: OR,WA This position is open
Olivia Stephens
702-838-4279 Ohio: OH, WV
Dov Nisman
800-888-9752 Rocky Mountain: CO, ID, MT, UT, WY
This position is open
Olivia Stephens
702-838-4279 Southeast: AL, FL, GA
Linda Buck
352-796-0083 or email Southwest: AR, LA, MS, NM, OK, TX
Kevin Dedmon
713-861-2425 Upper Midwest: IA, MN, NE, ND, MI, SD, WI
Bill Henry
608-836-7000 Washington, D.C.: DE, MD, VA
Chip Beziat
410-437-2919 West Coast: AZ, CA, NV
Paul Hawker
858-693-8838 ITC Canada
Elio Perconti
905-738-1688 or e-mail